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Kymbry Celebrates 50!

Comeback Campaign 2020

PCLC Winter Formal

West Grove Softball

Ashlee's 15th Birthday

Jaden the G is SIXteen

Perla's 90th Birthday

Aaric & Gilmarie's Engagment

Boys & Girls Club Stanton

Disneyland Resort Housekeeping

loanDepot Holiday Cruise

Cody's Birthday

Thea's Magical ONEderland

CNS Holiday 2019

Julie's 50th Birthday

Wedding of April & Dennis 

Matt's 40th Birthday

Dahlhouse Party 2019

SCAN Appreciation 2019

SCAN Halloween 2019

Suede's 11th Birthday

JoAnn and Al's Wedding

Renali Celebrates Four

Sam's 10th Birthday

Lynwood High School Reunion

Briana & Michael

Dana & John

Celia's Retirement Celebration

Mario & Karla

Melissa and Chris

Kaitlyn's Graduation Celebration

Summer's Grad Party


Morris Class of 2019

Katie Celebrates 18!

Taylor's 13th Birthday

Super SCAN Health Staff

Patton Carnival 2019

Connie and Sylvia

Rita and Danny Celebrate 10 years

CNS Holiday Celebration

     Alyssa's Sweet 16

Jenn and Jake's Wedding

SCAN Halloween 2018


1st Birthday

Desiree and Ryan's Wedding

Reina & Richard

Bell Jr. High Dance

Misfits Soccer 2018

Blythe's Birthday

Angel's Sweet 16

The ERN!ES 2017

GGHS Cheer Banquet

Tom & June's Anniversary

EBS Holiday Soiree

Premier Infusion Care 2017

Anita's Sock Hop
Animal Dermatology Clinic

Lilly's Sweet 16

Joseph Ryan's Baby Shower

Ramirez Family Celebration
Family Grad Party
Nat's Grad Party
Paperika's Debut

Ernest Packing Solutions

E Club 2016

Garden Grove HS Cheer

Raquel's 21st Birthday

Cindi & Bryan
DPW 10th Anniversary
Patrick & Robin's Wedding

CindeRenali's Ball

Cattleya's 18th Birthday
Beckie and Joel's Wedding

Celebrating Alyssa


Golf Tournament

GGHS Cheer 2016

Monique & Alex's Glow Party

McCullough Baby Shower

Premier Infusion Care

CNS Network Holiday Celebration

Sienna's First Birthday

Bradley & Greg's Birthday

Liv's 13th Birthday

Lori and Gene

Lady Mariners '18-'19

Roxy's 40th Casino Night

Roman's 1st Birthday

New Year's Eve

Town Center Terrace

Vanessa and Reece Wedding Celebration

Jayden's 16th Birthday

Rick and Roxanne

Fresh 40's

Camila's 15

Jessica's Grad Celebration

2018 Grad Party

Grad Party 2018

SCAN Appreciation 2018

Eddie's Birthday Celebration

GCC Holiday Celebration

AYSO 154 Casino Night 2017

SCAN Health Plan

OCSA 227 Celebration

Gonzalez Family Grad Party

SCAN Appreciation Dinner 2017

Travis & Quiana

Premier Infusion Care
AYSO Region 154

Veronica's 15

Cielo's Birthday

Carla & Tom's Wedding

SCAN's Appreciation Hoedown

Chaparral Carnival 2016

Princess Julissa's 1st Bday

Ender Sweetheart Dance

Cypress HS Winter Formal

GTO Holiday Celebration

Chaparral Elementary

Family Bingo Night

UEI Summer Picnic

Chase's Celebration

Katherine's Graduation

SCAN Healthcare

Lucy's Five-0 Disco

Nohl Canyon Carnivale

PHS Girls Basketball

Alex & Co.

Division Undergraduate

Education Holiday Celebration

Jaden and Brian's Birthday Celebration

Easton's 5th Birthday

Emily's Quinceanera

Ivory & Ruben's Wedding Celebration

Jovani & Melissa's Wedding

Jasmine's 21st Celebration

Annalise's Sweet 16

Baby Sprinkle

CHS Winter Formal

Goldilock's Summer Party

Frank's 65th Birthday

Jaxson's Baby Shower

Kate's Quinceanera

Haley's Grad Party

Gayle & Gwyn's 1st Demo Bash

2014 Har-Bro Christmas Party

Medical Center Holiday Party

Premier Infusion Care

Enders' Starry Night

Ernest Packing Solutions

Cypress High School Prom 2015

Annalise's Grad Party

Vanessa's Surprise Sweet 16

Olivia's Grad Party

Aliyah's First Birthday

Frank Celebrates 70!

GGHS Cheer Banquet

Damien and Amber

Balboa Horizons Holiday 2018

White's Annual Halloween Party 2018 & Sandy's Birthday Celebration

Ani's 1st Birthday Celebration

J.La's 10th Birthday

Ethan and Pia's Birthday Celebration

UCI OVPTL Staff Appreciation Day 2018

Ailini's Grad Party

Image Apparel for Business

Jennifer and Steven's Wedding

Patton Carnival

Jon and Jenna's Wedding

Crystal's Sweet 16

Remmi's First Birthday

Town Center Terrace
AP Holiday Party 2017

Richelle & Michelle

CNS Holiday  Celebration 2017

Rina and Thomas' Wedding

Alyssa's Grad Party

Lucas & Claire's Wedding

Lisa & David's Wedding
2017 Graduates Celebration
PCH Grad Nite

Myrna & Orlando's Celebration

Ariah's First Birthday
Enders Family Dance 2017
Camilyn's Welcoming

Mitchell & Savannah

Chaparral Bingo Night

Pacifica High School Reunion


Premier, ProHeath & Prive

Kevin & Logan

Jesus & Julie's 25th
Wedding Anniversary

Ava's 1st Birthday Celebration

Ernest Packaging Solutions
E-Club Saturday 2016

Steph's Fab 40

New York Life Kick Off Party

Ian's First Birthday

Lakewood Medical Holiday Celebration

FACCOC Gala 2015

Baby Shower of Andrea & Chris

Monique's Luau

Marcy's Baby Shower

Evan's Big Hero Birthday

Richard's Fiesta

Maria & Robert's Wedding

Brennan's 13th Birthday

ApolloMed Fiesta 2014

Bedrosians Christmas Party

Caitlin's 13th Birthday

Cody & Andrew's Wedding

Chloe's 13th Birthday

Diana's XV

Birthday Celebration 2014

John Nathan's Birthday Party

Justin's Grad Party

Valley Christian High School Grad Night

Francesca's Grad Party

Ever & Maeve's Birthday Celebration

Richelle & Brian's Wedding

Pam & David's Wedding Celebration

Lynette's Bridal Shower

FCCA Gala Event

Abigail's First Birthday

Cobie's Oh So Sweet 16

SCAN Company Dinner

Jaclyn & Alyssa's Sweet 16

Golden Mickey Awards